I am pleased to extend my personal WELCOME to you, Travelers with the capital "T", those whose sense of the journey is the quest for adventure and knowledge, iteration and cultural exchange. To you, who made your life a daily discovery a journey of personal growth to be shared both with other people and with around nature.
The trip is a unique experience, at the end of each, you will always return changed inside, with a cultural and spiritual heritage renewed anytime. That is why I felt I had a duty pleasure to accommodate your needs and the need to escape from everyday life inviting you to try out unique moments made possible only by yourself.
It is thanks to your requests, in fact, that was born my idea to create the "Discovery Tours" realized with the participation of professional friends such as astronomers, archaeologists, world-famous photographers, paleontologists, diver instructors and researchers who will make you prove a unique visual and sensorial experience.
The Discovery Tours for Foreign Travelers has organized domestically with English spoken guide. As Entrepreneur and Rotarian my consciousness and responsibility could not be blind in front of the loss of cultural identity of our Italian country.
Both European Foreign and Italians, especially youth, felt amazed by destinations overseas without knowing the architectural, cultural, archaeological and natural marvels all in one small Country called Italy. In years of economic and social crisis is so sad to face with the imminent loosing of “arts and crafts” for which our beloved Italy has been always recognized as one of the European Cornerstone of Culture in the World.
That is why I have started an ambitious project to promote the Italian territory no more as a divided region country but as a unique “BRAND ITALY”.
I hope, in this way, to awaken in the Young Generation the discovery and love for that kind of trades that need to be handed down and that could be the hope for many to find a job that only them are able to do and sell.

Let us be your Italian guest and WELCOME TO ITALY!

Matteo Fugazza
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Matteo Fugazza,
Agent with “Licence to Travel”